Dispute resolution

We represent clients before Belgian and European Union courts, as well as before administrative bodies such as the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property. We also assist clients in arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution procedures, most notably in domain name matters. Finally, we act before regulators such as the Vlaamse Regulator Media (VRM) and the Jury voor Ethische Praktijken inzake Reclame (JEP).

Our only focus in litigation and arbitration is obtaining the best possible result for our clients. We never shy away from complex or difficult cases. We provide a personal and responsive approach to litigation, keeping our clients informed at every stage. Depending on the case, our solution-oriented strategy may involve procedural motions, securing interim relief with a saisie-contrefaçon ('beslag inzake namaak') or summary proceedings, or positioning the case for the best possible settlement. 

Contracts & transactions

Leveraging intellectual property rights requires solid contracts. Our approach is to use clear and straightforward language to avoid ambiguity. We explain the business impact of a provision or contract to our clients. We provide mechanisms to protect our clients when the collaboration goes wrong. We help other law firms and organisations with the IP aspects of business transactions, performing due diligence on contracts, reviewing intellectual property portfolios and drafting appropriate representations and warranties. 

Onsite services (interim)

We are independent advisors with a drive to support our clients' business. We understand that legal departments are occasionally under time and resource pressure due to increased workload or project-specific needs. Where possible, we provide flexible and cost-effective solutions to face such temporary workload spikes. This may include one or several days where our lawyers assist the legal team at our client's offices.